Content, Code & Culture: Wednesday, 8 June 2016 @ 6.00pm 

Successful startups and SMEs know that content is king, and understand that coding is no longer the exclusive domain of computer scientists. They also invest time and money into building an enviable company culture. But how can your business practically give effect to these three pillars: content, code and culture?

We have invited five incredible speakers from Atlassian, Hubspot, The Coca-Cola Company, Yelp and Skilld to join us in a panel discussion. They will give insight into creating valuable content across different channels, developing familiarity with your business’ tech and exploring the role that culture plays in fitting these pieces together. 

Please note: Registrations for this event HAVE NOW CLOSED! All future registrations will be placed on a wait list to be notified of vacancies.

What you'll learn about

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Coding, SEO and the Role of Tech
  • Building a Team Culture

Our Speakers

Angus McDonald - Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist @ HubSpot
Angus helps to empower marketers to create remarkable content and quantify ROI on their marketing activities. At Hubspot, Angus helps companies who are willing to transform their marketing and sales cycles, improve inbound lead generation and close more leads into customers through proven methodology. Hubspot is renowned for its content strategy and commitment to building a team of highly-motivated, passionate individuals.

Elle Geraghty - Content Strategist @ Atlassian

Elle Geraghty loves to bring clarity to content by organising stuff. She believes that content strategy is the art of creating order out of confusion, the ability to provide meaningful connections between content and the reason a business or organisation exists. Having worked for Virgin Mobile Australia, Foxtel, Amnesty International, the NSW Government, Guide Dogs Australia and the ABC, Elle now works as Content Strategist at Atlassian. Elle also runs the Sydney Content Strategy meetup and blogs at

Justine Szalay - Social Media Strategist @ The Coca-Cola Company

Justine's digital background encourages her to apply a new way of thinking to her every day work. As an experienced Social Media Strategist, she has experience working in various industries, including fast-moving consumer goods in her current role at Coca-Cola, retail at ASOS, and in advertising during her time as Senior Community Manager at M&C Satchi. She is a passionate storyteller, dedicated to driving engagement and has an interest in digital innovation and technology. 


Jessica Glenn - Chief Technology Officer @ Skilld and OneShift

A code-slinging, deal making co-founder, Jessica got her start flipping Curly Wurlys in the school tuck shop, working in property and banking before finally learning to close her curly brackets properly and prompting her to leave her ‘real job’ for the last time. Since leaving a big four bank she has exited from two startups, built tech for Reffind and single handedly wrote the code for the recently launched My Work Phone, a smarter business phone system that leverages integrations to provide supercharged caller ID and contextual information when talking to customers.

Nicholas Lembo - Manager of Public Relations and Business Outreach in Asia Pacific @ Yelp

Nicholas Lembo is Yelp’s Manager of Public Relations & Business Outreach in Asia Pacific. Nicholas oversees Yelp’s communications strategy across 8 countries in the region and also works with a wide variety of business owners to help them navigate the world of online reviews. He is a frequent commentator on how small and medium businesses can use digital tools like review sites to reach consumers online and grow their business. He is American by birth and Melbournian by choice. You can follow him @nicholaslembo.

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