This guide aims to help franchisors understand how to expand their Australian franchise network overseas.

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Going Global

After demonstrating your franchise’s success in Australia, expanding overseas is the next step for ambitious franchisors wanting to grow their brand. Launching in a new market broadens your customer base, introduces new revenue streams and can diversify your business risk.

This guide steps you through the key steps to international expansion including:

  • Selecting which countries to enter based on the market’s economic potential, geographic proximity, regulatory environment and your familiarity with the region.
  • Deciding on the appropriate business model for each country.
  • Developing your overseas brand strategy to commercialise and protect your intellectual property.
  • Preparing your legal documents for compliance with local laws.

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There are three key tips to ensure success in the NZ market. First, don't assume that English speaking countries are easy to break into. Second, respond to franchisee feedback swiftly. Finally, treat your first franchisee as a business partner.

When building a network of experts and franchisees in new countries, engage a local lawyer, attend franchise shows and reach out to PR agencies.

Don't forget to research regulations and key government agencies. Also, build your product to meet the country with the strictest regulations.

When dipping your brand's big toe into a new pond, get engaged and look at your target audience.  Clarify who they are and why they should be interested in your ‘thing’ and then use that to weave your way into their consciousness. And stay there.

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