You have one job as a business owner: don't run out of money.

Having predictable revenue and using financial data to make educated business decisions about your company's future is vital.

LegalVision has created this free Financial Model Excel Template to help you track cash flow, as well as forecast your company's future performance.

The tool uses a standardised set of variables included in common financial models that most C-suite executives and senior management are familiar with.

This fill-in-the-blank template features:
+ a profit and loss statement
+ a cashflow forecast
+ an interactive P&L
+ working capital forecast

To leverage the full potential of the model, you will need to input your revenue forecast, business model assumptions, payroll plan, loan schedule, capital expenditure and working capital.

About LegalVision
LegalVision is a full-service commercial law firm that has assisted over 150,000 businesses. After working with companies across many industries, we've developed this tool to help business owners manage their operation and management accounting processes. The firm was recently named the fastest-growing law firm in the Asia-Pacific by the Financial Times.

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