This toolkit will help streamline operations, reduce costs and drive efficiencies so your in-house team can focus on strategic priorities.
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The Ultimate Transformation Toolkit for GCs

Transform your legal function with LegalVision’s free General Counsel Toolkit. The Toolkit leverages LegalVision’s extensive experience in transforming corporate legal teams. It includes a curated collection of know-how, practical activities and real-life examples.

The Toolkit is organised into the five phases of the transformation journey, including:
  1. Know Your Industry: learn what other in-house teams are doing and current options in the market;
  2. Map Your Legal Function: analyse what is working well and what needs to be improved;
  3. Choose the Right Collaborators: find the right partners to help bring your transformation vision to life;
  4. Build a Case For Change: define your strategy and get buy-in for your ideas so you can resource and implement them; and
  5. Run a Successful Project: put your plan into action and leverage learnings for future initiatives.

First 4 Phases of the Transformation Journey

1. Learn what other in-house teams are doing, and current options in the market.

Cards include:

  • NewLaw & ALSPs
  • Rise of Legal Operations
  • The Shift From Labour to Labour Plus Capital
  • What Are Managed Legal Services?
  • What is Legal Design?
  • Leveraging the Advantages of Working with Law Firms

2. Analyse what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Cards include:

  • How to Map Your Legal Processes
  • Improving Your Matter Management Tools and Processes
  • Legal Services Quadrants
  • Pushing Legal Work Back Onto the Business
  • Putting Processes Before Technology
  • Researching How Your In-House Team Works

3. Find the right partners to help bring your transformation vision to life.

Cards include:

  • Automating Contracts
  • Case Study: Managed Legal Service For a Business Transition Project
  • Case Study: Managed Legal Service For Reviewing 10,000 Customer
  • Interactions for Volkswagen Australia
  • Legal Technology: Single Purpose or Multi-Purpose Systems?
  • Making Legal Process Outsourcing Work for You
  • Picking the Right Alternative Billing Arrangement for You

4. Define your strategy and get buy-in so you can implement them.

Cards include:

  • Building an Effective Business Case
  • Creating a Minimum Viable Product for Your Legal Innovation Solution
  • Case Study: Outsourcing Legal Review of IAG’s Advertising Collateral A22 Running a Legal Design Workshop
  • What is Knowledge Management?
  • Why is Knowledge Management Important?

LegalVision offers legal solutions for large enterprises and corporate clients that transform the resourcing of their legal needs. As a tech-driven commercial law firm, LegalVision combines legal, process design and technology expertise to deliver solutions that maximise impact, while keeping scope, price and value aligned. The firm was recently named the fastest growing law firm in the Asia-Pacific by the Financial Times for the second year in a row.

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