As part of a rent lease moratorium, the Federal Government has mandated a Code of Conduct to standardise commercial tenancy arrangements affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Code applies to landlords or tenants with a turnover of less than $50 million and who meet the criteria for the Government’s JobKeeper program.

Each state and territory government has its own rent relief requirements. If you live in New South Wales or Victoria or Queensland, LegalVision has created these free Rent Relief Letters to Landlords Templates. They will help you to negotiate with your landlord in light of the relevant regulation or code.

The templates include a series of easy fill-in-the-blank fields allowing you to customise the letter to your circumstances.

The template sets out:
+ how the relevant regulation or code applies
+ the request for rent relief in the form of a waiver and deferral of rent
+ the proposed date when the rent relief should start and end.

You will be downloading a .zip folder that contains all three templates for each of the jurisdictions (NSW, VIC and QLD).

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LegalVision is a full-service commercial law firm that has assisted over 150,000 businesses. After working with tenants and landlords across many industries, we've developed this template to help tenants manage their leasing obligations through the crisis. The firm was recently named the fastest-growing law firm in the Asia-Pacific by the Financial Times.

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