LegalVision's Startup Manual is essential reading material for any startup founder looking to launch and grow a successful startup.

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  • The Startup Manual provides guidance on a number of common challenges faced by startup founders including structuring, raising capital, building a team, dealing with customers and suppliers, and protecting intellectual property.

  • A comprehensive handbook for founders covering all stages of the startup lifecycle, the Startup Manual includes 10 case studies featuring Australia's top VC fund partners and leading Australian startups.

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Blackbird Ventures mainly invests in Seed or Series A rounds. We invest in founders who have the ambition to build a global business from day one. As Head of Operations, I spend considerable time working through the deal structure with our investee companies.

Canva's recruitment philosophy starts with one fundamental principle - hire the smartest people so we can and give them the freedom to manage themselves and determine how they want to work. Our equity scheme is a big part of that philosophy.

Having our contractual terms standardised simplifies the processes we need to put in place for accounting, renewals, etc. as these key terms will be the same for each customer.

If your product does not exist, you will need to get on the ground and speak to suppliers who are creating products in the vicinity of what you are doing. We approached suppliers who were already customising shoes on demand but on a small scale, for example.

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