This handbook aims to help startup founders understand the benefits of venture debt, how a venture debt deal works and how to prepare for taking on this form of capital raising.

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The Ultimate Guide on Venture Debt

There are two main types of capital a company can raise: debt and equity. Traditionally, startups have raised capital through equity, but there are circumstances when borrowing money can make sense for a startup.

If your startup is in a high growth phase and looking to extend its cash runway, venture debt can be an ideal capital raising avenue.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  1. what venture debt is and why startups should consider it
  2. the mechanisms of a venture debt deal
  3. how to find a lender
  4. what legal documents you will need.

Featured Case Studies

"Venture debt is a beneficial alternative or complement to equity financing, as it involves less equity dilution, less loss of control, and less time spent capital raising."

"Investors will typically only offer revenue loans to high growth companies that are expected to quickly repay the loan."

"Venture debt allows founders to further prove their strategy and business model and in return, increase their valuation without giving away precious equity."

"Taking on debt can be stressful for founders. Ideally you should want to work with lenders who have been involved in launching and scaling businesses themselves."

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